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My Lord and My God: Tanach Expectations of a Divine Messiah

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Yeshua’s divine nature is problematic for some Christians as well as some Messianic Jews. Chuck and Karen Cohen, veterans in the Messianic movement, realized that the New Testament alone could not provide the answers - especially for Jewish believers.

Since all New Testament teachings must be built upon teachings first revealed by God in the Old Testament (the Tanach), the Cohen’s explored the Tanach prophecies of the nature of the Messiah. They knew that if Yeshua was the Promised One, He must fulfill those God-given descriptions.

What they found became a central chapter of their book Roots of Our Faith (now published by Sovereign World, Ltd., UK, as Homecoming: Our Return to Biblical Roots).

Their conclusion is simple. If Yeshua is not YHWH Himself, then He is not the Promised Messiah of Israel. If in fact Yeshua is Israel’s Messiah and thus the savior of the world, then He must be YHWH - God Almighty – in the flesh. This booklet documents the evidence in Scripture.

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