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Praying Through the Land of Israel - Vol. 5 - The South

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Intercessors for Israel’s purpose for the Praying Through the Land of Israel DVD series is to equip you to "pray with the spirit, and...also pray with the understanding.” 1 Corinthians 14:15b)

"The South" is volume 5 in the IFI series "Praying Through the Land of Israel". This is a prayer tour encompassing more than half of the area of modern Israel. Our tour includes The Judean Desert, The Dead Sea, The Negev and the port city of Eilat. We patrol Israel's borders with Jordan and Egypt and travel through hundreds of miles of desert, which is Biblically the place to hear God speaking. In dry and barren places we see many signs that the Lord is bringing restoration and revival to His land. We hope that those who watch will be inspired to intercede for the continued work of God's Spirit in His land and among His people, and for His protection from our enemies.

This multi-disc set is divided into chapters. As you join us on a tour of the South, we hope the burdens expressed in each chapter inspire you to intercede for God’s will to be done in the South.

Chapters (Note: chapters differ slightly between the NTSC and PAL versions due to technical capabilities of each format):

  1. Introduction
  2. Leaving Jerusalem
  3. Inn of the Good Samaritan
  4. The Jordan River
  5. Qumran: Dead Sea Scrolls
  6. En Gedi
  7. Arad – Fountain of Tears
  8. Dimona reactor
  9. Moshav Ein Yahav
  10. Kibbutz Ketura
  11. Eilat: Maritime Borders
  12. Route 12: Egypt
  13. Palmach – Flag Square, Eilat
  14. Hai Bar Animal Reserve
  15. Makhtesh Ramon
  16. Sde Boker
  17. Rivivim
  18. Sderot
  19. Negba
  20. The desert blooms
  21. Final meeting
  22. Testimonies
  23. Q&A session intro
  24. IFI beginnings
  25. Syrian uprising
  26. Spiritual warfare
  27. Gentile church
  28. The Antichrist
  29. Antipasti / Credits

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